Here i go again, then.

My unpredictable life rolls on. …. and on… and on.

As i lie immobile  ( most of the time ) in the hospital bed  I received an email on  Tuesday evening informing me of the fact that my Ex and daughters (and help potential, Kim) are moving out of the flat in which we all currently live, on Saturday. Given that I was due to leave hospital on Friday, this was disconcerting to say the least. Disconcerting at the least, and a total headf*** at the most

With impeccable timing ( as always ) I find myself in a very uncertain situation. When you’re paralysed and incapable of so many things, the prospect of being alone is fairly terrifying, frankly.

I can’t even get in and out the door without help, I can’t reach most things in the kitchen, and I can’t get into bed and undressed..

I can’t attach the Triride motor to my chair, and neither can I detach it.

The people in the hospital are trying to arrange emergency care for me, which I appreciate greatly.  They really do wonder what kinda woman I married….

Thanks to Roy, Neal and Leigh, and his exceptionally stunning daughter for dropping by. I listened to Leigh’s daughter, and watched how she was. She’s a trainee nurse, and in it for all the right reasons – No 1 that she just cares an awful lot about people in need.  The world has lots of people like Bethan in it.

Thank God.

3 thoughts on “Here i go again, then.

  1. What a nasty thing to do. She could have waited until you came out of Hospital and sorted your self out. People always get paid back in the end. She might be like it herself one day. Reading this has really annoyed me – Nasty bit of work… Margaret x

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