Having now seen the Big 3/4..

That’s Joker, 1917 and The Parasite… as well as The Irishman… I can say adamantly that ( in my opinion as a punter ) 4 of the Oscars went to the wrong film. Joker and 1917 are by far the best in every category and should share the honours, except for the Actress ones, cos they don’t really have women in them a lot. The Parasite is ok for sure. It’s a black comedy with a non Western approach for sure. Blood and death are ‘ funny’ in the film, but I’m not sure anyone watching in the screening we went to was laughing.
Im not big into film award stuff, but this definitely looks like it’s just about voting the winner to be non English speaking and ‘ foreign’ with no white people, so yet again a politically correct typa statement…perhaps I should enrol as an actor, given it can’t be long before someone in a wheelchair that’s disabled wins Best Actor.

Recently I’ve seen a few plays ( well I get cheaper tickets so it’s affordable ) Lily and I saw My Cousin Rachel, which was absolutely brilliant, full of twists to the very end. I’d not read it, nor the more famous Rebecca by the same author ( Daphne du Maurier ) as I’m not that well read really, but I’ve since bought Rebecca on Audible ( the audiobook app ). I do find it far easier to listen to someone reading it to me, than actually reading it myself. When you have half the number of functional limbs that you used to have, your arms become your legs too, which means that reading a book means you can’t move – your ‘ legs’ now holding the book. So audiobooks are the way forward. At the moment I’m listening to The State of The Affair which is all about infidelity. It’s not fiction, it’s written and read by the lady that ‘ meets and counsels’ the couples who are going through difficulties brought on usually by the big capital I.

It’s said that between 33 and 76 percent of couples ‘ enjoy ‘ 1 of the couple having been unfaithful to the other ( and of course quite possibly both of them at it ). That makes it ever so normal… yet in the West it’s frowned upon big style, even a small indiscretion spelling catastrophic consequences to the partnership and the household that they are in. Perhaps people ought lighten up about it… the author examines lots of reasons that people are unfaithful, and it’s fascinating the way she looks at it all without at any point ‘ judging’ anyone.

My English class is going strong though the charity that organises it is having its funding stopped, so officially it’s not for much longer. That doesn’t stop me continuing though, as I don’t get paid or anything. I can theoretically just keep going on the same day at the same time to the same place and assist anyone that wants to come along. We’ll see what happens!

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