Happy New Year.

My spasms are now overall worse than they’ve ever been. Worse still, they wait until I’m in bed to really unleash.
My knees actually lift right up  very often. I’m sure  an observer would have no idea that I was actually paralysed, if I was filmed at night, my body being so restless. The give away would be that I can’t/ don’t turn over, or at least not without being awake and doing it quite methodically. It takes a couple of minutes, and then more time trying to work out whether the duvet is covering my my body below my shoulders, as I can really feel much below my shoulder blades.
I’ve taken to doing lots of pull up’s from a girder in the place that I live. I used to do a lot pre injury, and they’re a great exercise, for upper body and core.
Now that I have very little core control ( which does depress me – most of my exercise used to be core strengthening related ) the pull up’s work my arms, shoulders, lats and my back, depending on how I do them. The downside is that as my broken body hangs from the girder, paralysed bits of me get stretched, and they’re not used to it. Although I can’t feel the stretch at all, the muscles themselves can, and get sore, which then leads to spasming.
The answer ( I think ) is to keep doing it, and not to stop, expecting that the muscles will get used to it eventually.

We’ll see.
I went to my youngest’ s school pantomime recently.
After a while, I was moved to say to Dani that even the boys looked like girls in this school.

Without any hint of good humour, I was reminded that Amber does in fact go to an all girls school. …

Are Dads supposed to remember this sort of detail?

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year.

  1. Are Dads supposed to remember this sort of detail?

    If “God” had intended Dads to remember this sort of detail then “She” would not have given us wives who can remember every little fault we make for years and years 🙂

    Keep doing those pull-ups, i am guessing that stretching out those muscles will eventually be helpful.

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