Hand biking

I spent the day at Stoke Mandeville stadium, at a hand cycling course, on my 1 day old bike, no less!image


Just because I’ve got big arms and have had about 8 rides, I half expected to take the hand biking world by storm…mmmm how wrong was I?
It would seem that it’ll need a lot more dedication than that, vastly improved cardio fitness, and bigger lungs than I’ve currently got.
At least 6 of those there were significantly better than me, though in fairness most had been doing it for years.
Ok then, wake up call.

They were all tremendously positive about life – crazily so, I thought – but convinced me that people really do move on from the early psychological horrors of spinal cord injury.

Thanks to my parents for accompanying me, and for their endless enthusiasm (more than my own, it has to be said – yes, once again, my own worse critic ).

Think I’ll ache in the morning.

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  1. You look fantastic Russ. I know it’s hard for you not coming first, but you will get there, you always do! Very proud of you, what an inspiration.

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