Half way thro the week.

3 visitors yesterday to successfully distract me : Amber, my regular Wednesday company, who brought endless fruit and her lovely attitude to life, then the fantastic Lisa ( friends since Uni, tho she looks young enough to be my daughter ) and my brilliant brother, Stu. 

We had some wine, and crisps from Lisa ( plus sandwiches and chocolate mousse’s ). Lisa works as one of the top editorial  team at The Sun, and always has the funniest stories from the newsroom there. 
My wheelchair skills are slowly improving. 
Under supervision, I went forewards off a kerb twice yesterday. 
I’ve gotta crack that kinda sh*+ before I leave here, or become a prisoner in my own home when I leave, afraid to go out. 
Today? Well, the unpleasant stuff soon, then gym, physio and more gym. 
Plus visitors-  Mary, then John, who has threatened to take me to the pub…
2 more days and I go home for the weekend
Can’t wait. 

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