Hair of the dog.

My voice seems to have recovered enough to just about hold my own in a noisy pub. It’s only taken almost 3 and a 1/2 years  but I’m there.

Great to see Dickon, Toby, Glenn, Ian and Sam – of the Toulon 12, who pushed me around Chiswick, went to the bar for me, and in relay tipped my urine from a bottle into the loo some way across the pub. I still have a permanent catheter in, with a tap on the end of a bag. The bag fills, and I turn the tap.. the wine bottle fills and is then conveyed to the loo.


One day in the confusion, I’ve no doubt someone will mistake the pee for wine and regret it.

I have seen that happen before, pre my injury.. it’s a Welsh rugby player thing!

I’m NFI this weekend to Danielle’s sister’s birthday event, so will find my own entertainment I’m sure. Really I ought to be taking it easy, but I’ve never been any good at that.. as a matter of principle?!


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