My Carer is from Liverpool.

He tells me some funny stories.

His mate’s wife – he said how thick she was. She bought her 2 daughters a Monopoly set each, for Christmas.


So they could both play at the same time…..

1 thought on “Ha!

  1. I love Mrs Browns Boys. Last year reading the funny things each month on the Calendar made me laugh. There wasn’t much else to laugh at with my Husband being very ill. When my Husband died the local Vicar came round about the funeral and I put the calendar away as it said God must love of Fecking Idiots, he’s made enough of them. This still makes me laugh and another one was that the Wheelie Bin goes out more than she does. I know she is a he, but who cares. Last week I walked passed the Church down the road and on the Notice Board it said “Confessions by appointment only”. That made me laugh as well. Love to you Margaret x x

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