H the C.

We watched a film last night, so we did.

Silence of the Lambs. A horror film on Halloween, obvs. Timely and fitting.

It was screened by the outdoor cinema peeps, in Hampton Court, no less. Too cold for Stella, the poor South African, but ok for me, hardcore Welsh cinema goer. I just wore shorts and a string vest, Valley Boy stylee…

And almost died of hypothermia.


Anyway, I live to write the tale. Grisly lil number, that Lecter fella. He’s Welsh too, that Yanto Hopkins. Cannibalism is big in Wales. Nothing wrong it really? People are too prissy about stuff these days….

1 thought on “H the C.

  1. You and that Hopkins fella are old boys of the same school, you know. The one where my daughter goes now… Must be something in the woodwork there, as we had to assure her Scout Leader that she wouldn’t hurt the Zombies if they took her on a Zombie Run in the woods…. (Scouting is a whole lot more fun nowadays!)

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