Growing up in The Valleys….


Hope this little email Russ finds you a little more comfortable, well it’s all done now , just get well in yourself Russ, am sure you soon will be, you are stronger then most able body people.Russ can you remember, many years ago up Nan Tess’s  – you 5 little boys were up there, and somebody shit behind the settee, think you must have  been about 3 ,our Alwyn, said it was Russ, Nan. We were all laughing , and our Mam and Dad, were the salt of the earth, and said never mind my old lv, our Dad said what’s a turd amongst  friends, end of story. Our Mam would say for weeks after to you little boys, no turds boys behind the settee, up in the lavy, please.

How long will you be in for Russ, make sure all is good and working well before leaving. Much easier while there than when you come home and there are problems.

. Sleep well love you lots Gill and Mike. Xx

As i was only 3, I really don’t remember having a poo behind the settee. I do however admire my apparent skills in having crept behind there, done it, and come back out, unnoticed.  Those  ‘ silent sh**** skills ‘ served me well in the years to come.

As there is actually no proof that it was me, I actually think it was Alwyn, my older brother.

3 thoughts on “Growing up in The Valleys….

  1. I just had tears rolling down my face, pure class your Aunty and Uncle!
    I spent a lot of time in Wales as a child and grew up on the border and this story had me pretty much rofl!! Xx

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