Good stuff.

Having my wheel has made me far more confident about going out, and being independent.

Where possible, I’d rather go under my own steam ( electric) than take vehicular conveyance. Obviously it’s cheaper than taxis, and it avoids the difficulty actually getting into and out of a bus. The thing is that whilst it’s easy ( ish ) to get up the ramp that comes out of the side of the bus, once I’m in and the bus is underway, it’s pretty impossible to turn around so that I can drive out forwards, and therefore reliant on someone else to ‘ take me from behind ‘… down the ramp.

And I’m not altogether comfortable thinking about that, never mind actually doing it.

Great to see half of the Toulon 12 last night in the Gay Pub of Chiswick

Toby, Pete, Sam, Neil and Jeremy  all came out to help me…..


I’d earlier spoken to my surgeon and had the ( good ) news that no metalwork has shifted/ come apart/ broken. He and I both know that it’s essential not to try to bend any further than the metalwork allows, it it will break and screws and rods will burst through my skin  – like a wheelchair version of Hellraiser.

I have another appointment on Friday to discuss what’s next.


Cool to spend time with Nick Sparey too, and Pia also, as always.

Something is up today- when I move my head fast the world spins.

I hope I don’t have a middle ear issue/ infection. I had one of those ten years ago, and it was pretty unpleasant. And if I can’t even move my head, then there’s not much else I can do!

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