Good news.

Having been told that my operation had been cancelled, I wrote to my surgeon ( well, emailed him ) detailing all of the reasons FOR the op.  I understand the reasons AGAINST the procedure ( potential infection if I need further metalwork surgery ) but I felt that he didn’t really appreciate the negative effects that a 3 month delay might have. That 3 month shift was a significant movement of the goalposts, and left the door wide open to further delay.

When i attended my appointment yesterday, I listened carefully to his assessment of the state of my spine and the attached metalwork. A fair bit of bone had grown around most of the screws, making it more secure. Nothing had moved at all.

Then we talked about the colon operation. He reiterated his concerns, and had obviously read my email. He then concluded, to my surprise,  by saying that if I really wanted this procedure, then he wouldn’t object… and even tried to get the operation reinstated ( it was supposed to be today ).  As it was, he couldn’t, but it’s now the case that it’ll only be 2 or 3 weeks that I have to wait, and not 3 months, and definitely not 6 more months.

To me, that is extremely good news 🙂

7 thoughts on “Good news.

  1. Well done. With bone growing round screws it sounds pretty secure to the layman. I think you’ve got the most risk averse surgeon ever!! May be he’s been sued in the past? Here’s to a new orifice for you to talk out of!! Mary xx

  2. Thats brillaint news Russ! Good for you for making them understand the whole scenario !, onwards upwards xx

  3. Great news Russ. Well done for pushing back. Most of us think Consultants and Surgeons are Gods. But seems they can be open and flexible. Who knew….

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