Going so well

I asked her to bring out the ELECTRIC hot stone heater.

After 10 Minutes she asked if it was warm enough.

Given SHE had brought it out, Stone in one hand and cable with plug on end in other hand, and NOT plugged it into a power source of any description, that was another puzzling enquiry from Bogarolla.

It took a while to explain what to do with the plug but she did plug it into the wall.

Five minutes later she asked if I thought it was warm now.

I wheeled over to see.

Silly me, how remiss of me! Id left out the vital last part of information! Doh! My fault for sure… you have to press the switch on the wall socket!

I’d forgotten she ‘ is a woman ‘

I really must start to be far more sexist in my approach.. or starve.

She has just told me, smiling, that they ‘always called her the Clumsy Girl at school ‘ and that she ALWAYS goes to bed at 10pm…

So unfair! Gréât that the ‘ hand picked selection process ‘ to find a Carer whose duties will include reversing a cripple in a wheelchair backwards down a bus ramp in a busy London street, and never sleeps before midnight,  has given me such an ideal match, isn’t it?

Obviously I’ve told thé agency to change her ASAP

Lets face it, it’s not her fault, it’s PROMEDICA’s


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