God the mattress felt hard!

The mattress at home is rock solid compared to the SM one. Therefore more uncomfortable on my still tender ribs. 

I have to be really careful of getting pressure sores on my bum/ hips. Obv I can’t feel a sore bit now, but if I develop sores it means bed rest til they heal. And I don’t want that. 
I’m still entirely dependent on help to sit up in bed, and get out. My lower half is like a dead weight just getting in the way. 
Being in the passenger seat of a car yesterday to come home felt very odd. It was extremely difficult to get in as the car seat was a lot higher than the wheelchair seat and I have neither the strength nor the technique to get in easily. 
But I did manage ( with 2 peoples’ help both ends ) to do it, so another ‘feat ‘ accomplished. Thanks so much to Cliff for driving from his house, miles from mine, to help get me out of the car!
My diary at SM sort of kicks off proper next next. I get ‘wheelchair skills’ and intro to sports like table tennis (!) and hockey. Given I can barely control the chair currently they both seem a tad ambitious. I’m assured tho that given time I’ll be fine…. 
The sun’s gonna shine today so hope to spend most of the day outside. 
It’ll be just like life used to be. 

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