Getting there.

Table provided ( and delivered ) by Mark P – a cross between an office desk and a table, I suppose, but it’ll suffice, for now, for sure. Two ‘ festival ‘ chairs complete the student look.

Couple of loaned pots from Francesca’s mum.

Cooking was a challenge for the first couple of days ( for Francesca )  Blimey, she’s obviously used to having kitchen utensils… outrageously spoilt, obviously…

When I lived alone post university, i did have a go at cooking, but it was never my forte, let’s say. Night after night I had the same thing – baked beans, sausages, toast, fried eggs and bacon.  I’d leave one of the 5 things out every night, for variety – well you can’t eat the same every day, can you ?

Can opener, sieve, knives, cheese grater, chopping board, kitchen utensils, more pots etc etc – ordered online, for imminent delivery.

Thanks to the numerous offers of help that we had – all very much appreciated !

Moving a few pictures on the walls to different places,  once in a while,  always makes a place look different. I used to do that in the last house we had, probably every 6 months or so ( when it occurred to me ) I’m not sure that even the people that live in the house really notice that much, but they would sense some difference, I’m sure.  I’ve done it here, yesterday, with help, and found some funny stuff that used to be on the walls of our old house too… but apparently didn’t fit the style of this abode?  Anyway, now resurrected..


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