Generosity of spirit.

The district nurses and private carer combination is working well.

It does make it pretty impossible to see the light of day before midday, but I do have time on my hands.. let’s face it. The days of jam packing every 24 hours with stuff are truly over and out.

The two ladies that share my mornings with me having a ‘complete access all areas’ are two very different but equally kind people – I don’t think that just anyone could be a Carer … it does require a certain amount of essential compassion, something that I’ve learnt not everyone has. I sincerely thank both Anna and Marie ( even though I pay them for what they do for me )

Giving is most definitely more satisfying than receiving, ultimately, though only those with least have their hands forced in  one direction only.

Neither of my carers is materially well off, but both are very happy with the balance of their lives, that much is quite striking.

It seems to me, increasingly, that often those that have materially the most, are the most dissatisfied with their lot – having lost sight of the more simple pleasures in the rush to ‘exotify ‘ their lives. The more people have, the less they tend to give. You’ve got to admire Bill Gates for what he’s doing with his cash, but he’s not applauded anywhere near enough.

It should be made legal that everyone is obliged to spend some time every week helping someone far worse off than themselves in some way, the reality being that both parties would benefit from the experience.

Obviously it’ll never happen, but it definitely could be the case that in schools, charity and worthy contribution ought be part of the curriculum.

Thanks to Cherie, too for her always lovely company today.

Tomorrow I have the excitement of a talk at Lily’s school about the psychological effects of modern Social Media on teenagers. It’s just incredible how different the life of a ‘ modern London teenager ‘ is from my own youth only one generation apart. Depression, self esteem issues and suicide rates have never been higher than they are now. Suicide is the most common cause of death in boys under 16, despite society enjoying vastly more material wealth overall.

Crazy situation….


PS My blood sugar level was 5.8 this morning, making it very unlikely that I’m diabetic. I no longer feel ill either, which is a relief.

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  1. Great to hear about the blood sugar. I can also identify with teenagers struggling with low self-esteem. I became a foster carer to a 12 year old who tried to hang herself. She also self-harmed. I spent many days in A&E after each episode.

    However, I did not give up on her and now she’s a confident 19 year old at university. I believe that with the right care and loving adults in their lives, each child can learn to develop self worth.

    I hope your talk will go well. Your daughter will be proud!

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