Gardening was never my forte, but I’ve always been willing.

So we had our minuscule lawn covered in artificial grass about 3 years ago.

Looks pretty good, and never requires any maintenance, right?

That’s what I thought too.

imageNext door’s giant bamboo plant ( I think they’ve got a colony of Giant Pandas living there ),  has decided to invade our garden , and in doing so has sent a massive horizontal root, right beneath our little bit of AstroTurf   The lawn then looked like a rug , laid over a 6 foot length of drainpipe.

This root was seriously thick and gnarly.

While Dani was out I thought I’d try and cut it off.

I got the ‘lobbers’ out of the shed ( like big wire cutters ) , and set to work. Having no core means that I can’t lean forward without falling forwards. So I did that, and pushed, doubled over, to where I thought the root started. This was in and under a big bush.

I managed eventually to cut through the bloody thing, though peed myself in the process ( of course without knowing it ), meaning Dani had to hose me down in the garden later on.

My wife laughed hysterically at the sight of me in action. And helpfully took a photo….

1 thought on “Gardening was never my forte, but I’ve always been willing.

  1. Russ, when you were at your low ebb, I used to read your blog and end up in tears of sympathy for you. Now I read it and end up crying with laughter at your escapades. 😀

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