On NYE my bag with the iBot charger inside was left in a restaurant. Thé relief i felt when it was found was enormous, as the charge devices are not replaceable.

My euphoria was very short lived though, as my Carer put the charge cable into the side of the iBot not carefully enough, and now the very delicate pins are bent.

The frustration of knowing that such a small and accidental slip may leave me without that machine is very large.

It may be possible to straighten the 2 bent copper  pins, without them snapping off, presumably using heat. Someone must be able to do that, or at least attempt to.

If anyone out there can help, then please, please get in touch.

Thank you, and a Happy New Year to anyone reading this.


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  1. RS Components do some nice military grade connectors which would be best-
    These are built so that the unit is engaged and inline before the pins come in to contact so tend not to suffer with bent pins.

    I counted 13 contacts on your existing plug (may not need that many but wont know till we strip it down)
    Here is a list of connectors from RS to give you an idea what I’m talking about.

  2. Hi Russ,

    I’m an electronics and software engineer and don’t mind helping out in any way.
    If you get really stuck drop me a line and I will stuff my car with tools and come fix it for you.
    My recommendation would be replace both connectors for a different pair – not to much to chargers so a trusty meter and some photos and I should be able to swap it out for you.

  3. Hello Russ, now ODU give me an adress in Germany. I contact them and they look out to get a (hopeflly free ) sample. Normaly its not possably to get one piece to a privat person. I will keep you informed.

  4. Congratulations on success with finding the source of a replacement connector.
    Please take this advice from one who knows…
    Have the manufacturer ,if possible, terminate the plug and socket with appropriate cable. Nobody does it neater. Ask for extra length.
    The cable loose ends will be straightforward to connect.
    BUT there could well be different colour codes on the wires within,
    Take photographs at every stage of the repair.
    SELF AMALGAMATING TAPE is excellent for making perfect rubber seals to keep out weather and to prevent slackening of connections.

  5. Hi, Russ I have lucky news. I received an email from ODU. Your connectors name ist SX3F1C-P13MFG0-0001. The person from ODU wants to know the diameter in mm of the cable, because the housing is extra.
    So please send diameter and length of the cable.

  6. I’m pretty good at fixing these problems. If you have no luck elsewhere give me a ring next week. Drop me an email for the number.

  7. It looks like a Lemo connector to me too. In my experience, a careful person with some fine nosed pliers should be able to bend the pins back without breaking them, it’s worth a try. This would be a temporary fix, as the pins would be weakened. The connectors need to be replaced, as this may well happen again. I would suggest a more commonly found type of connector, one that can handle enough current.


    1. Thanks Steve!

      We believe it was made by ODU originally
      An email has already gone to them. Waiting for a reply.
      Keep reading this diary for updates. Or email me direct!

  8. Hi Russ,
    good pictures, the mail is out to ODU.
    Please give me info about the length of the cable.

    I also asked for a dealer in the UK.


  9. The connector set is very much like military quality kit, bomb proof but never qyuite idiot proof.
    The broadcasting companies USED TO have multiway TV camera cables made with the same kind of weatherproof locking connectors. There was always a skilled wireman around who would replace these connectors without difficulty.
    Maybe try your local BBC or Independent studio centre to see if, in this digital age, there is still anyone around who could re-terminate such a cable. It ain`t rocket science, but the trained pair of hands is essential .
    Elfin Safety is of course paramount… that`s why big companies won`t help with anything concerned with ” medical ” repairs. Ask for Joe.

  10. Hello, Volker from Germany here.
    I contact ODU for you, they want to help, but the need more info.
    So please send more picture, from the side, what dimension (in mm) are the plug, how long is the cable….
    Anything print on the cable ?
    As much info you can give, as more chance we can get the thing

  11. Hi
    If you are not able to source a replacement then I would suggest that both the male and female connectors are replaced with different quick release multi-pin connector pairs (like the MIL spec ones).
    You may need to open the chair or charger cases to wire in the new connectors (which may need to be on a flying lead rather than panel mount), just insure the pins are around the same current capacity and note the connection pin outs.

    1. Thanks so much for your input. Im no electronics specialist!
      I don’t think the wiring diagrams are at all accessible though!

    2. I would really recommend changing both connectors for something easily found in the UK.

      If you (or a trusted friend) open the box containing the panel mount socket, then you can quickly see how difficult it would be.

      If the socket internally connected via wires, replacing it is trivial. You may even find that it isn’t using all 13 pins (seems a lot unless it’s LiPo).

      If it is soldered directly to a PCB then it is more difficult but should still be practical.

  12. Hi Russ, think straightening the pins will leave them vulnerable to snapping .. then you have the issue of trying to get the snalled pin out of he socket. If we can find out what plug it is exactly then replacing it is probably a better option. Scouting the internet now for detail but I get the feeling Deka / Toyota will not release much till they bring the newer version out. Checking with everyone I know ..hopeful for a way forward.


    1. Ahh Jon, how are you? Thank you! The pins have straightened but may be weakened obviously, so it’s going to always be fragile. I’m taking it to someone today for an opinion. It’s a Din with 13 pins – so no idea if you can manufacture one? No answer to my pathetically pleading email to DEKA either, but not surprised…

      1. Must be a non standard Din configuration then the standard 13 pin din has flat lines. not the round the outside config you have. Will do some more digging as replacing the plug head would be a good longer term solution .. lets face it plug always get loose and fail with age. Very few companies have plugs completely custom made unless the volumes are really high .. so somone must have made it I say will keep looking.

        1. Message from a technician in America

          Hi, I found the name LEMO and contact company last week, I sent some pictures then after review the pictures they say are Fisher brand, I contact fisher yesterday not answer jet
          Just I talk with Fisher people, they think was they connector but after looking in they data base they think is ODU connector.

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