From Wales with Love

Today is our very first day at home. We live in the country,I can hear an owl outside very close to our house. It seemed very strange to be occupied with ordinary domesticity rather than travelling on the tube  to visit Russ at some point during the day. Looking back over the last week is quite extraordinary. When we arrived Russ looked so thin, so tired, so despondent, so sad. He was not eating or sleeping very well and it showed in his face and general demeanor .During the week he made a massive effort to eat . He saw fewer visitors which allowed him to sleep during the day. What a difference this made . Russ's face lightened, he smiled more frequently and his appearance quickly became less gaunt. I took the photo yesterday when Russ was eating his lunch. The tracheotomy is still in place so that eating is not easy, its time consuming and difficult, you are really trying so hard.  Well done Russ. You are recovering , on ward and upward.
See you soon.
Love from Mum and Dad

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