From Terry.

To all the Back on Track crew

Hi, it’s Terry from the Hogarth here.

Some of you will know me, some of you won’t but what is very clear to me is that we all have one thing in common! We all very much care about and love the crazy Welshman and his beautiful family.

It’s almost a year ago since the birth of Russ’s Back on Track charity and also our very first fund raising event – The 24 Hour Spinathon. For those that took part (drinking or cycling) you will all agree, I’m sure, what a bloody good laugh – workout – piss up it was?! Believe it or not, we raised just shy of 20K which was an incredible achievement. Since the Spinathon I have been quietly training for Ironman Wales which to be honest, has been a serious ball ache as my lovely wife informed me that “we were pregnant” only a week or two after me signing up for the event which wasn’t ideal. Not to worry – Russ is worth ruining my body for, sacrificing my marriage for and leaving my now three kids with no daddy for the best part of a year J

This Ironman journey and commitment has been an incredible journey – physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve met and conquered many personal demons along the way (the surgeons knife being a rather large one). I spent some quality time with Russ at his Portugal pad which to be fair, changed my life in ways I am incredibly grateful for. I always wanted to shower him since the very first day I met him. Joking aside guy’s, my reason for this challenge is since that fateful day back in June 2013 is that I couldn’t not help – Russ and his family have the challenge of their lives ahead of them, forever. I wanted to attempt the challenge of my life albeit for 140.6 miles of swimming, cycling and running.

It goes without saying that I am raising money for Russ’s charity so for those who would like to support me or more importantly Russ then please feel free to click on this link

and get stuck in.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Sincere thanks to the Back on Track crew.


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