From my Mum in law, who started this bloody blog, along with Melissa.

Hi you
Just been reading all the blogs since you left the UK, again and again. SO, when I read you might stop writing I was quite dismayed. Having been there with you since day 1, the blog has reassured me how totally amazing your recovery has been in the last six months. May I say, miraculous. It helps us all to empathise with how you are feeling, ups and downs, good days and bad days. Hopefully, the feedback you get from being so ‘open’ about your feelings, not only allows you to “off load”frustrations but engenders some massive support from all the lovely people around you. If you bottled all this up, I don’t think you would have come so far.
Also, I do believe that what you write may help someone in your situation down the line! 
Mostly, if you stop, it would be like tearing the last chapters from a book. I am sure you have far to go, much to accomplish and therefore very much to share with all the people who love you.
Hoping the days get better and better in the States. PLEASE don’t stop writing. Xxxx (Grandolph)

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