From my Mum.

Russ suggested that I write a few words for the blog , a mother’s perspective if you like so here are my thoughts on my time with you in Louisville Russ.

I did not know what to expect . You had been in the depths of despair and somehow, thanks to Dr Steve , you had managed to pull yourself out of that bottomless pit . We read your blog at home in tears . We were so far away from you , we could do nothing to help you. Somehow , I cannot imagine how, you inched your way forwards into a more positive place. When we read your email which simply said ” I’m ok ” we cried with relief.

I could not wait to fly over to Louisville and finally I had arrived and there you were ,looking so good.
The entire time with you, you went from strength to strength.

I was pretty anxious about giving you a push in your wheelchair to and from the Frazier Rehabilitation Institute . For those who have never pushed a wheelchair , it’s not easy. I am short and I found difficulty looking over the top of you to the ground beyond, and then there were all those holes and lumps on the pavement to negotiate !! I did improve and felt pretty confident by the time I had to fly home.

Watching you for the first time in the hoist receiving the electric shocks to your leg muscles was so moving. You smiled, laughed, joked with the trainers as though the procedure was absolutely normal and I guess it was for you as you were almost five months into the programme . They were so caring and you were quite amazing. Everyday you spent an additional hour in the gym . Where did you find the energy from?

Eating lunch, sitting outside the Subway in the sunshine was fun . Coffee in a pavement cafe on the way back to the hotel was fun too. Playing Bananagrams in the hotel lounge with a bottle of wine was best of all. I’ll say nothing about your ‘honesty’ when playing . How else could you win every time ?

Meeting your new American friends was really lovely. What a great crowd.

My time with you was such a bittersweet time for me. Your bravery and total commitment to excellence made me feel very proud. The fact that you were there at all was heart rending . There is so much at stake . All we can do now is wait. If sheer effort counts for anything you are in with more than a sporting chance.

If only I could wave a magic wand .


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