From my Mum.

Hello darling ,

I took this photo when you held a pen for the first time whilst in Toulon.
It was an exciting as well as a

worrying moment for all of us , watching you struggling to hold the pen let alone write legibly.
We did not know whether you would manage to write at all…if .ever , and here you are, writing an eloquent blog.

It was amazing to watch you overcome the writing difficulty then . You persevered to such a degree that it was tearful for me watching you. And we know that you will ‘overcome ‘ now. We are so proud of you Russ.

Am so pleased that you have new friends ,John and Cindy to help you. Please give them a very big thank you from us .

Hope your urine infection goes away soon. Do you have access to fresh oranges/lemons which should help ?

It won’t be long before Dani and girls are with you. Hang in there darling

All my love , mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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