From my mother in law, Jenni.

Hello again. 
Here is the  email about your wonderful three girls. 

Where to begin? 

Danielle broke the news of your accident to Lily and Amber in such a gentle manner, almost drip feeding information over the phone, to protect them from such a terrible shock. They gradually absorbed the severity of your accident.    Dani was absolutely incredible when she talked to the girls each night. Somehow or other she kept all the fear and overwhelming emotion from her voice and chatted to the girls in an upbeat manner. Against various friends’ advice, Danielle decided to bring Amber to Toulon to visit you. This was such a good decision on her part, as by then, Amber knew you would be asleep and that the accident had caused serious complications. 
Lily was on a school trip to Ireland at this time, so life was kept as normal as possible for them both.
I believe that Dan and Saskia brought Amber out early one morning. The five weeks I spent with Dani in Toulon are a bit hazy and sometimes it is difficult to correlate the sequence of events. We took Amber to the hospital and I have to say that her manner of dealing with finding her daddy in a coma was quite inspirational for a nine year old. She was so calm, always attentive to you and just so loving. She wouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit you and spent many hours drawing fabulously bright and cheerful pictures for you which the staff thought would be good on the wall facing your bed. 
I think it was about a week later that Dani brought Lily to Toulon. I found that Lily seemed more anxious and nervous about seeing you. Perhaps being that much older she was able to imagine all sorts of scenarios. When we arrived at the hospital, sadly, there was a wait to see you as you were having physiotherapy. I think this added to Lily’s disquiet but when she saw you she was so loving, so concerned and so very gentle with you. 
There was an occasion when you frowned and the girls smoothed your forehead and told you off as they said you would get wrinkles!! There was another occasion during the period when you were hell bent on removing all the tubes that were inserted. On this occasion, Dani told you off and you got quite shirty with her. The girls were rather non plussed about this and gave you a good telling off too!
There are so many memories of how completely wonderful, protective and beautiful both Lily and Amber were with you.
I enjoyed a couple of dinners with Amber. She was a delightful companion telling me all about the fact that there was documented proof that mermaids had been found and photographed. We both  got quite hooked on researching this information! We followed dinner with ‘ beauty’, doing nails etc. it was all great fun.
Well Russ, to end this, I’ll just reiterate how completely wonderful, brave and compassionate your three girls are.
Much love
Jenni x

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