From my loyal friend, Jayne, who writes from Oz.

it sounds like it was fantastic!
Have to say you looked bloody great – it was lovely to see that cheeky spark in the photos – OK some may say that was alcohol, but what the hey 🙂 
I am a pedant and I do need to pull you up on what some call a semantic technicality (I know you can handle words like these nowadays since you’ve become a philosopher) – BUT which is an important distinction, being – you are a person with disability, you’re not a disabled person… 
I think you’ll find this very important when you write your book and start your motivational coaching.
love ya xxx

( I stand corrected! 🙂 )

1 thought on “From my loyal friend, Jayne, who writes from Oz.

  1. Hi Russ, I am a friend of Rocket’s. I worked out years ago after my second stroke that not only am I not a disabled person, I am not just a person with a disability, but rather I am a person with altered abilities. That’s kept me going when everything else tries to pull me down. Take care. Gavin

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