From Charlie, Best Man at our wedding:)

Just read your ”low day blog”.
The inspirational part for me is I understand the effort you’re putting in now. You’ve always tried your hardest at everything – you love a challenge – it’s what makes you Russ. And now you face another tough challenge.
Silly little story but I remember putting up the rugby posts with you in Cardiff and the old fella who ran Tal-y-bont telling a story about how some huge forward who’d become an internatinal had helped years before – and he’d single handedly bounced the post in the hole to get it in the right spot. Anyway when we put the post in it was in the right spot but you bounced it anyway just to show you could! That drive to succeed is why you will always succeed.
Right now, without trying, your personal efforts will be incentivinalising the SM staff and patients. In or out of a chair you’re the same fella and I’m looking forward to seeing your next challenges – physical and mental. 
Also should add I’ve been blown away by your amazing mates and the love and support they are giving you. History says I have to love you and Dani tho’ I’ll clearly never verbalise that (!!!) but know also that I seriously respect you both and hold you both in super-high regard.

Charlie Perkins

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