From another top Welshman !

Lovely man. Your blog last night absolutely hit the nail on the head.

For all of us, the path to greater daily serenity, peace of mind and just feeling that we have done our best before we put our head down on the pillow is to try and help and support other people. Especially when they ask for help.


I have written to you before over the last few months about how words that I sneered at frankly have become more important in meaning to me. For example I thought that people who ‘trudged’ along, doing their best were weak, had no goal, were not people that I could get any positive energy from. I have done a complete 360 on this. Sometimes all we can do in a day, because of how we are feeling, is just put move forward as best we can. Otherwise we work ourselves up, inevitable compare and despair with past days, times or situations.


Love is a word that is also seen as having a direct, perhaps sexual meaning versus it’s true meaning of frankly just being helpful and supportive. Your story about Nev’s son is lovely.

The alternative to love, is to point fingers. In my experience if you point 1 finger you get 3 fingers worth of stuff back that is at best very unpleasant for how I feel and damaging to my well-being.


Keep loving yourself and others. It is a the basis of being a strong human being not a weak one.



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