From another SCI ‘ victim ‘. And I really appreciate the message.

Imagine a world where more people care than you imagine

Imagine a woman you’ve never met enjoying interaction with you

Imagine all those people you’ve yet to meet but who will value you

Imagine the relative freedom of a colostomy

Imagine quality time with your daughters who will love you in a way no one else can. One day. Really.

Imagine not waking up with that crushing longing

Imagine the truth that all your “imagines” or at least those listed will become your new norm

It’s truly the worst being a bird inside a cage. And it’s truly difficult to find words,precisely because I get it! No pithy little homilies here. You’re stuck in a Shitty,palpably toxic situation, but it won’t keep you down for longer than necessary. You’ll make sure of it X

Sounds like you have some great friends around you. You’re relying on them just now,but you prob have already (and will in future) return in kind. Friends…and least we get to choose them!

I never kept Get Well Soon cards in hospital . Felt like reading living obituaries, or like they were taking the piss… “You’re a fighter” they’d chirp. How the fuck do you know that? “Fought” paralysis lately,have you? Left up to me, fuckin things would’ve gone straight in bin. My Dad insisted on reading them (“people have taken the time”) and I was paralysed to stop the debacle lol. I say this only cos sometimes things are beyond our control…your “situational” stuff is beyond your control. For now. Only.

Well my digits are f**** ¬†after this crap. Know only that people care. I’d ghosted your blog for yonks before making a comment. How many more Dear Readers… do you have? Nice thought, eh? X X

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