From Adam. I told you he was funny. Even tho he modelled himself on John Lennon for 3 years at Uni.

Hi Russ,
Lovely to see you last week.

I didn’t have your blog bookmarked on my new ithingy, so I googled it to catch up on your social life and your progress. 
It is always an uplifting read; emotional, raw, brave and wonderfully honest. 
So many visitors too. You are more popular than Joey Essex, the benchmark of choice in the Sharp household (2 teenage daughters who insist on watching shitTV), that said you are so like him in so many other ways……………..admittedly, he is a little sharper.

Anyway as a service to other readers of your blog who can’t quite remember to look for the blog under your old drag queen stage name‘Melissa Leach’, you might want to pass on my search findings as the best way to find you on Google, all based primarily on your past life and behaviours. 

Here goes……

‘Russell Dawkins Gay Pride Blog’, as expected, you came out top, Cheeky!

‘Russell Dawkins Sheep Shagger Blogyou only rank 2nd as you gave up your interest in animal pursuits for the canoe ages ago.

‘Russell Dawkins Serial Pervert Blog’,nowhere, well done, according to Google you lost that moniker,  though those of us who were at Uni with you and were around before Google, know better!

‘Russell Dawkins Llandewi Brevi Blog,second, though it has been ages since you lived there. BTW Dafydd Thomas still misses you.

‘Russell Dawkins Welsh Bastard Blog’,second. Hardly surprising, aren’t all Welshmen bastards?

‘Russell Dawkins Top Quality Brave Bloke Blog’, A more recent search, not surprising, you topped that one 🙂

Take care and see you at the Cardiff reunion in Chiswick in March, as always fancy dress, preferably women’s clothing.  

Adam & Sally

P.S. Apologies to your sister-in-law, the real Melissa Leach.

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