From a top fellow Welshman.

Hi Russ,


As I sit on the train heading to the wonderful Birmingham, I realised phone calls are out of the question today. Yep, left the phone at home! Anyway, just thought I’d touch base and try and schedule an evening to come and see you next month.


Before we get to that, I thought I’d share the joy I had in reading the blog episode throughout the Christmas period. What started to look like the vacation you wish you’d never gone on to the adrenaline filled experience you probably thought would never come, was a true inspiration! For the time I have known you Russ, you have given me more inspiration than anyone to keep focussed on the things and people you love in life. Pushing myself to a Triathlon and running 10k were just a couple of things I stepped out of my comfort zone. From your side of it, I quietly laughed when you went on a surf trip to Bali (I know experienced surfers of 20 years that would have bottled out of hitting the ferocious waves of the Indian Ocean), but for Russ it was a challenge to live up to. For all those challenges, the last 6 months have been the biggest challenge and you continue to show that positive ‘I can’ attitude, venturing to the ski slopes. I have no doubt as time moves on you will find more and more happiness and enjoyment, it will just be different. You are and always will be an inspiration to your wife, children, family and friends. I must say, as much as I believed you would sometime defy the odds and prove that the mind is the key to your dreams, I truly didn’t think you’d be flying down the slopes within 6 months of such an horrific accident. More importantly, as a true Welshman says ‘you loved it see!’ and even more importantly, it was around the people you love most. Most  importantly, you got that buzz in life you thought you would never get again. I can say one thing to that, I believe it is a taste of many happy times you will have ahead. The challenge is dealing with the power of the mind, everyone can talk positive to you and that is important, however nobody but you can feel the true emotion and frustrations. Try and think of the improvements you are seeing day by day, week by week. I have no doubt you have set ‘Russ goals’. I hope you do not experience too many barriers like Guttman leisure centre, there are plenty of words we could blurt out for this – I would probably end up in a cell – T….s! Go for it Russ!


Something did happen on 2nd January that I believe could be of value. I went to a conference and had the pleasure of meeting an inspirational speaker ‘Marcus Childs’. He talked to an audience of 70 people and relayed various stories, however one was about someone who had a similar experience to yours. I went and had a private chat with Marcus before he left and he explained the emotional side of what you have experienced is the hardest to deal with. They have a voluntary organisation which he has suggested is worth a visit and I have detailed below his contact details (he has welcomed you to make contact with him). If your emotions are all over the place, it could be worth giving him a call or checking the website. By all means explain you were given his details by myself at the Eyesite conference on 2nd January.


Marcus Childs


Mobile: 07956 907 983


Look forward to hearing from you


Kindest regards,



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