Friday night.

We went to see Cress in her amateur dram production of Abandonement.
I’ve not seen an AmDram production before, I don’t think, so didn’t know what to expect. How would you even begin to know whether a friend is a talented actress?
Or what the other actors would be like?

I was amazed by how good they all were.

Maybe the West End calls?

I don’t think there are many SCI actors, so I won’t be thinking of giving it a go.

After the play, and just a short push from Dani, was the party that I was talking about and ( sadly ) dreading.

To my relief when we got there, no one would answer the door, so it was definitely a case of ‘ phew, I have an excuse not to go ‘.
Dani persisted, and we did get in a few minutes later, me being confronted by quite a few people standing up and spread around, there being a step and there being grass, and there being a dance floor in a part of the garden ( yes, a big garden )
I sort of looked on and focussed on the things that I couldn’t do, especially not going anywhere near the dance floor.

James and Bev had pushed the boat out for sure ( no pun intended, James having 2 Olympic gold medals for rowing )
Two other gold medallists were there two, one more recognisable than the other, and a fair sprinkling of very tall blokes, all former oarsmen. There was one very small fella, also an Olympic gold medalist, and obviously a Cox.. him crying on the podium with the Searle brothers towering over him in 1992, in Barcelona, is still fresh in my mind.
There wasn’t much difference in height between him and I, me being sat down.

I did know a lot of the people there, which was good, though I am still embarrassed about the presence of the wheelchair that I am always attached to, so I’m not exactly outgoing.

After an hour or so, a lovely lady called Rachel proposed I ‘ dance ‘ with her, which I resisted, as it’s not quite the same dancing sat down.
Rachel didn’t take no for an answer and after a bit just pushed me over to the floor against my will, and started pulling me around.
It was about 2 hours later that left that floor, during which I’d been swung around by the hand by pretty much everyone, and run over most people’s feet.

The music was great and although I felt different, of course, I definitely didn’t feel excluded. And I met some lovely people as well as seeing some that I hadn’t seen for ages.

Thanks to everyone there for making me feel a lot better about myself, and especially to Rachel for giving me no choice.

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