Really good to see Jeremy Day and Ed Foss today.

Thanks both for calling in.

I did manage to sleep a bit during today, too, after the pain in my chair.

Tomorrow my daughters come home from Portugal, so I’ll see them soon, as well as a few visitors this weekend too, along with getting out again ( I hope ) without discomfort.

Thsnks to Emily for dropping by yesterday as well,  and for Neal’s offer to, today.

Today I had more in house psychology – Lisa is a very nice lady, and it’s good to just talk to her ( not that I ‘ need’ to , these days )

I’ve been here so long that it’s changed from summer to winter outside my window.

I used to like all seasons equally, never being bothered by the cold, and quite liking the rain. My philosophy was always ‘ you can’t change the weather, so just embrace it’ and I did, every time .

I actually don’t really like people going on about the weather, for the same reason – you/ man  can’t do anything about it, so be quiet  and talk about  altering something that you can change, instead.

So what do I do all day?  Well I’m on my phone an awful lot, communicating with other people, just as I was  3 years ago when I first  realised that I had had a shocking and life altering injury.

I know that mobile phones get a bad press, but I’d be stuffed without mine. I rarely use Facebook, even less Twitter and have never used Instagram ; instead I ‘ talk ‘ to people all the time

Its perhaps no coincidence that I still get so many visitors, having kept relationships alive throughout my long periods of depression and physical injuries, via my phone.

Ok, I have to try to sleep


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