Today whilst blowing up the tyre of my trike chair, obviously whilst in my normal chair ( I can’t do it otherwise ) I lost track of where I was, tipped back off a kerb, crashed back against a roughly finished concrete wall – tearing lots of skin off my hand and arm – and finished upside down in an area of soil.

I don’t care about the physical injuries, the cuts will mend before too long, but the feeling of absolute helplessness is what stays with me. Had help not been at hand, in the form of Dani, Lily and Amber on this occasion, I’d never have been able to help myself. Just being on an incline, my head lower than my body, having no abdominal muscle use, and nothing to hold onto to pull on, means I cannot move at all. I’d have lain there forever.
I know that that eventuality is unlikely, in this crowded world, but that get-out doesn’t help – the knowledge of my own vulnerability is so crushing to me when so starkly apparent.

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  1. Russ, this makes me think – you are definitely not alone in this. If you’re experiencing this problem, it’s a reality for everyone else who uses a wheelchair and possibly also people who have restricted movement in other ways.

    You have loads of inventive friends, some in the cycling field, others in engineering, I’m sure. I wonder if someone can come up with a lightweight device or devices to help you right yourself in this situation? You know – like I use my ski sticks to lever myself back up if I fall? Airbags and jacks spring to mind, but I’m not an engineer and I know diddly about physics.

    Just putting this out there – is this something your clever friends could work on?

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