Friday 28/8/15

My life this week has suddenly seemed to have recovered some sort of ‘normality’ – notwithstanding  the obvious differences from before.

I’ve been going to work for 8 hours a day, exercised pretty hard for 90 minutes a day too, and spent fun time with Dani and the girls.

Despite the confines of my chair, this routine has made my existence more satisfying, the amount of improvement surprising me.

Work has involved me training graduates – great guys – and the exercise has been using my recumbent arm bike attached to a turbo trainer outside on my terrace ( rain or shine ). The days pass quicker, but have more purpose too, and satisfaction.

I think this new chapter will be the start of an upward trend for me.

Thats good news.

3 thoughts on “Friday 28/8/15

  1. Great to hear you say this Russ, congrats on getting back to work, I’m sure your trainees appreciate your advice and experience. Keep it going bro! X

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