So it seems that treating my internal double infection has made no difference to the infernal spasming that I get.

Today, it has been going on all day. At the moment my right foot is kicking every single second

As it always gets worse at night,  I can hardly bloody wait for nightfall.  I now dread going to bed every night. I remember when bedtime was a  good thing.

To say that it drives me to bloody distraction would be an understatement. Nothing that I do makes any positive difference. Not understanding  how my f’d up body works is highly dissatisfying. Pre injury I was totally tuned in to it. Yes it would break down now and again and I’d know the work around, which helped me a lot. The contrast  now couldn’t be greater -as often as not I have no idea at all why things happen, and therefore can’t fix it.

Tonight im going to try having a lot to drink.


1 thought on “Friday.

  1. Alcohol is an excellent muscle-relaxant. Hope it works, hon.
    Is there no kind of nerve-blocker or TENS machine or anything that can help to calm them down? The spasming looks like when you have Farradic treatment at a physio – is there no way to work that in reverse?
    Sorry – I have no doubt you’ve already explored this.

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