So Brixton Academy is accessible by iBot. The tube station in Brixton has a lift and the venue has a crazily illegally steep ramp to get in.

Sundara Karma could be the next big thing. All they need to set the world alight is one really catchy song, to get noticed ( I think ).  If you can sell 3000 tickets and you’re not even famous, then you must be quite talented.

Ricky Gervais is funny. He doesn’t care what he says, and if you’re offended then it’s your problem, not his. He doesn’t seek to offend in the first place, but if you’re a wallflower type, then you definitely didn’t ought to go and see him live. He says c*** an awful lot, but doesn’t only rely on swearing for laughs; far from it. He said that he and his brother had  a philosophy that if something funny comes into your head, that you should just say it, and think about the consequences after. I must admit that I feel much the same way about life, though obviously it can get you into hot water, as it has him, often. He talked about him and his brother, Bob, when they were teenagers and stopped by a copper in their car. As the PC bent over to check one of the car lights, his helmet fell off and a pack of 20 cigarettes fell out from the inside. The copper said ‘ I bet you lads always wondered what a policeman has under his helmet, eh?’

Bob just blurted out  ‘ well I knew it wasn’t fucking brains ‘ …

Can you imagine saying that to a policeman 30 odd years ago?!?

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