Using cable ties – an awful lot of – the Triride is going to not fall off. I do have a problem with the motor too, so it may yet break down and stop working.

I thought of a way of detaching it from my chair without loosening any bolts that wouldn’t then go back in, by using 2 stacks of magazines to incline my chair backwards, which enabled Stella to get me into bed ( no, not in that way ).

In theory, it should be possible to reattach it in the same way, but in reverse.

I feel about as depressed as I imagine it’s possible to feel, and I have restarted antidepressants as well as being on the antibiotics for my UTI.

Providing we can reattach it, we should be able to visit some places today. Yesterday we went into Notre Dame, and the Pantheon. These monuments to God and the dead of France are beyond impressive. The city is full of churches that really now are just tourist attractions rather than places of worship. The age of religion is past,  for sure.

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