Two hours of sitting in the bathroom fiddling around with a catheter  and spasming,  doesn’t compare with a fun party with a DJ and a dance floor.

As my new fixed body and chair wouldn’t allow for even wheelchair dancing, then my party options are further limited now.

Aside from regular jerking legs,  I slept quite well, and to my surprise awoke with a flat stomach? The night bag contained 3 litres of pee, that being the amount trapped inside my body at the party, wreaking havoc on my wellbeing. 7 pints is a lot of wee, let’s face it, it’s a wonder I hadn’t flooded and drowned internally.

A cup of water and some fruit for breakfast and I bloat again.. tho nowhere near as much. I don’t think that I am severely constipated,  now that I’ve had evidence of a flat stomach, albeit briefly. I know that fruit can kinda ferment, but it should get digested pretty quickly….. I surely can’t be allergic to bloody fruit!?

Anyway I’ve decided to adopt a policy of  : If I expect the worst, and get something that’s not too bad, I’ll always be happy!

As things invariably work out badly, then that’s a sensible policy to exist with.

Another blow is that my carer, Anna, is having to leave me, due to circumstances out of her control, to do with her accommodation.

If anybody has a room to spare/ rent at a reasonable price, for a seriously kind hearted and fun lady, please tell me! I don’t want her to go.

It’s an eye opener to hear about the cost of renting box rooms in crap shared houses in London. You see this stuff on the telly, but assume it’s not the norm, surely?

People rent out their bathtubs as beds, they advertise  2  halves of a double bed to 2 strangers to rent and share. Tiny rooms go for £700 per month,  with only space for a bed and a cupboard. There’s such a  shortage in central London that the unscrupulous can reap a fortune from the desperate. There has to be a line drawn between profit and decency to most people, but landlords are often not the nicest people.

I hope people reading this see that whilst there is an opportunity to make some money to help with the mortgage, there is also an opportunity to do some good.

Until my injury, I owned a flat that I let out. I’d worry if the garden needed weeding.. rather than realise that I could have tripled the rent by putting beds in the lounge and the bathroom. ( No, I could not have done that )


No spasms today. I won’t get too excited, as it’s only 1.30pm – plenty of time for calamity yet.


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  1. Has Anna (or you) tried posting on the forum asking if anyone has a spare room ? People are alsways asking/ advertising .

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