Foiled at every turn….

I trained hard on the arm bike most days for a couple of months – for a trip to Holland on Thursday, with the cycle lads ( Team WDF ) that were with me with I had my crash.

At the point where my spasms became so bad that my surgeon advised me to stop, I switched to going out on the Trike to stay in some sort of shape, plus came up with the idea of taking that to Holland so that at least I could do something there.. and not have to be pushed around by the lads ( I find my regular wheelchair really hard to push due to the awful curve in my spine )

In the last 3 weeks I’ve crapped myself 4 times… and am now for some reason that of course I don’t know about, I’ve been peeing myself constantly.
As a consequence the trip to Holland isn’t really a go’er. The lads can’t really be expected to change my pants every couple of hours…

It’ll be 3 years on Tuesday, a week today, that I fell from my bike on that lonely road. Not a day goes by that I don’t resent those surgeons for ‘ saving my life ‘and leaving me like this.

1 thought on “Foiled at every turn….

  1. Hey hon,
    I felt really sad seeing you go off on your trike today 🙁
    I know you get really down by all the crap you have to endure at the moment, and there doesn’t appear to be any let up, and it is so totally unfair that you have to keep going through rough times….but hopefully that will change after your op.
    So, here’s the thing – you really need to try not to give in to the crap stuff.
    You can’t let the lads down by not going cycling as it will no doubt not be the same for them without you. And they are all going because of you…so don’t let the crap stuff defeat you. A lads trip away will do you good, even if you have to tell them to look out for you a bit more.
    So hang in there Russ-boy, life without you and your silly Welsh sense of humour 😉
    would be a seriously dull place. So less of those types of comments please.
    And one day soon, things are going to change, and there will be less and less crap for you to have to deal with xxx

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