First Day.

My first day of District nurse and bowel care plus carer
It was fine
They were all lovely ladies
It’s a whole different world ? tbh but so far so good !

Thanks bigstyle to Anna ( carer, washer, smiler, conversationalist ) and Julie ( professional and very empathetic  ) and to Jeremy Day ( all round nice Geezer )

Anna took me to get a ( non posh £12 ) haircut, and now I’m in an UberWav wheelchair cab on my way to a lecture about:

Russia and Europe: what next? – John Pilkington

‘Passions are running high in Ukraine and the breakaway states of the Caucasus. In 2015 John met people on both sides of the disputed borders, and shares insights from his travels’

i don’t think that pre injury I’d have been going to this, I’d have been canoeing in the dark to prove to myself I was still a tough guy.


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