Dear Sirs

Im writing to complain bitterly about the situation that your system put me in. I am Paralysed ( after a terrible accident ) and wheelchair bound. I wanted to catch a train to see my girlfriend, in Oxford.
I went online to book a train, via your app. I did so and then booked assistance, with ramps and a space for someone who cannot get out of his wheelchair. Ramps were arranged at both ends of my journey.

When I got to Ealing Broadway Station, to my shock, surprise and horror, I couldn’t access the station, as all entries apparently have stairs and there are no lifts!
Please explain to me how you can let a passenger in a wheelchair book help onto a train from a station that he cannot possibly get into. This situation makes absolutely no sense at all. I had to miss my booked train and get to Paddington station ( 7 miles away, which I did by wheelchair on the roads ) then talk to the people there about getting a different train, and rearrange ramps at both ends for a different train journey.
I’m still incredulous that there is nothing in your booking system that prevents this happening, and also incredulous that a main station like Ealing Broadway isn’t accessible in the first place. I’m on the train now and feeling extremely nervous about arriving in Didcot and your system letting me down again, with me being stuck on the train, totally unable to get off myself.
Please advise what you are going to do to remedy this situation, how you intend to restore my confidence in SW Trains, and how you are going to recompense me for the way you have made me feel.

Yours faithfully,

Russell Dawkins.

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  1. Russ, I hate to say this as you do know that I have grown to love you but – They will reply saying how sorry they are and that they are making changes when in fact they will do “Sod All”. It is like mental health. When I have felt suicidal there is no one to help, you just have to get by as best you can. You go to the Doctors and they just look at you and write out another prescription for more antidepressants when all you need is someone to talk to. There was a bit on the news last night about someone in a wheelchair in exactly the same predicament you are in. Love to you as always Margaret x x

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