After spasming all bloody day long, I’m now in bed. I can’t take any more ! Except the thing is that going to bed doesn’t actually make any difference to the spasms….the jolts are very significant.

God, they really do p*** me off in a big way, and I can do jack shit about them.

On the upside, I saw my buddy Rob C today, and my daughter Lily, as well as triking down to Charing Cross to visit my friend. I don’t think that being soaked by the rain really helped me though, but what can I do about the weather ? Archery was a non event, as it’s not done in the rain, despite my turning up. Did Robin Hood only shoot arrows on sunny days, I wonder ?

2 thoughts on “Ffs

  1. Maybe you could speak to a couple of the pain management guys I know, about having Botox injected into the muscles or an epidural to calm the nerves. Xx

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