F*** me,  it’s incredibly painful to cough.

Isnt it ironic that I develop a chesty cough at the same time as they cut a hole in my stomach wall, that hurts  like hell every time that I cough.

I’ve been given an air mattress, which is ‘ pressure relieving ‘.  The trouble with it is that I can’t move at all. I’m stuck in a fixed position, as there’s nothing hard to push against, so I can’t move. I pull really hard with my arms on the bed rails, but as soon as I let go I’m back in exactly the same position again.

When i ring the bell, it’s pot luck as to whether anyone comes. I had to go online and find the main hospital number just now, and phoned that to say that I was in Room 421 and in a lot of pain, couldn’t reach the nurse bell, and had been shouting for 15 minutes… ffs?

Thanks to Lisa Jones for coming from Wales to see me! That’s a long way by donkey.

And to Cressida for coming today.

F***, just coughed again and it really is bad.


1 thought on “Ffs

  1. Always a pleasure to see you. The donkey’s not keen on the trip though. Shall have to use the Megabus next time. 😉

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