Feb 7th.

Today the sun came out in Louisville.
It was 15 degrees above and it was warm – properly warm.

I watched the two 6 Nations games on my iPad, talked to my wife and daughters on FaceTime, wished my mum a happy birthday, and then went out.

It’s the first proper time that I’ve done that – as in gone out, alone, without a destination, just for a look around.

I wheeled along the ‘sidewalk’, through roadworks along the road edge ( ok, a bit risky – but they had dug up the pavement ) for quite a while.

I eventually found a coffee shop which had tables outside, got a passer by to help me through the door, ordered a coffee and a cake ( and a fruit salad ) went back out, sat in the sun for 2 hours and read a paper.
It’s the first time I’ve read a paper in 19 months and been able to concentrate on what I’m reading. Before today, I’ve read the words and when ive reached the end of the article had little or no idea what it was I’d read, my head filled with other, less pleasant thoughts.
Today was different. I had to read and re read the lines, but then found they were sinking in. I felt optimistic and positive for the first time possibly since my accident that I’d be ok, that all was not lost, that I wouldn’t have to pretend for ever.

Tomorrow is another day, the forecast is for the cold to come back, but I find myself looking forward to waking up.

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