Feb 11th 2015.

The ‘good’ news is that I’ve drawn the ‘lucky’ ticket and am in the ‘best’ group of the 3 types of ‘treatment’ in this experiment.

That means that I’ll be in the group of 6 people that get to be hung up in the hoist with their feet on the ground, so that weight is bearing down on their feet. At the same time, electrical pulses will be applied so that my leg muscles tense up ‘to hold my weight’.
I must emphasise that I won’t feel a thing, but my legs will, independently of connecting with my brain… what’s left of it.

I’ll get 60 sessions of this over 12 weeks, plus get other physio to try to engage dormant muscles that I currently have no power over.

The expectation is that my legs will gain bulk, and that I’ll be ‘healthier’ at the end than I am at the start.

Which is good!

Otherwise here things are slowly getting better, in that I have a bit of a routine, with going to the gym, working fairly hard in there, not fearing the push to the hospital ( and getting faster and stronger at that bit, for sure ).

I’m going out tonight ( drinks ) and tomorrow too, to a pretty exclusive cocktail party ( get me – when they know what I’m like, I don’t suppose I’ll get an invite next month ) but I’m honoured to be invited this time.

Dani and the girls arrive on Friday night- 48 hours and counting – for 10 days of lovely company for me.

There is definitely a regular blip that occurs whenever things seem to improve for me, but as this post is upbeat I won’t dwell on that.

Thanks to everybody that contacts me.
FaceTime is now the preferred method of choice – it is better to see who you’re ‘talking’ to!

Okay, now I’ve gotta stay awake til i go out in 3 hours time, but falling asleep whilst in my Stand Up Chair is quite unlikely.

2 thoughts on “Feb 11th 2015.

  1. Hi Russ, you won’t remember me but we met at last years fantastic boxing evening. Dan told me all about you and then when I saw you in the flesh I just knew you were made of strong stuff. Ive been reading your blog for inspiration and motivation as I’ve signed up for the boxing this year! The pain I’m putting my body through is nothing compared to what you’re doing. I wish I had an once of your bravery. Best of luck Russ and see you on the 14th March for another great night. Nigel

    1. Nigel, great to hear from you.

      How’s the training going?

      It’ll be a fantastic night, Tho Dan not tempted out of retirement- shame, there’s gotta be footage of him chasing chickens somewhere?!

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