Farewell to Bob and Di for a few weeks x

Another good day today . Russ on good form. We arrived at the ICU to find that Russ was being hoisted into his wheelchair. This is a painful and lengthy manoeuvre for Russ. Almost all of Russ’s ribs were fractured and they are not fully healed ;any pressure, however slight, continues to be very painful. Today, it was just too painful for Russ to sit upright in his wheelchair so, he had to be hoisted out and back into bed. No stroll on the bank of the Thames today. However, he was smiling when we entered his room, in typical Russ fashion. Russ is determined to eat more , determined to gain some weight as he is still extremely thin. With that thought in mind, he ate a very good lunch . Being his Mum, I was very pleased about that. His physiotherapists are very pleased with his progress too which is excellent news. Today we return to our home in Wales. We find it hard to leave you Russ but we can do so because we know that you will be well taken care of in our absence. Thank you to all those wonderful friends of Russ who have and continue to support him. You have all made such a difference Mum and Dad

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