Family night.

I went to see my Uncle Rich speak tonight ( aka see Richard Dawkins ‘ in conversation ‘ ) at the Southbank Centre. I invited along his niece, aka my daughter Lily.

The lifts were largely out of order, or at least the ones I needed to get me to the 4th floor. I had to name drop to get me help to our destination, and we made it just in time.

Dawkins has been ‘praised ‘ for his ‘irreverence, wit and fierce humour’ it said by way of introduction. It didn’t say which member of the family though, specifically.

He was great. He tells it like it is, as in he subscribes to the scientific version of things, refusing to believe anything ‘ supernatural ‘ in which he includes anything to do with God(s)

He’s entertaining and, I’d have thought, very difficult to beat in an argument!

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