Familiar feeling.

imageJust had first crash on arm bike.
Discovered its tipping point as I went round a roundabout.
Now have only one arm and shoulder with skin on it.
Thankfully Neal was there to pick me up off the road.
Lesson learnt the hard way.

Am ok tho felt really down for a bit.

Was a bit of a shock.
Bad scrapes.
Felt horrible sliding across the road on my skin.
Got put back on and made myself do another few miles before going home.
Couldn’t just quit. That wasn’t me before and isn’t me now either.
My skin is the sort that weeps plasma for days, even weeks, so that means messy clothes and bed sheets. Yet more work for Dani. If you zoom in on the picture, you’ll see the plasma oozing out of my shoulder already…

That look of resignation that crossed her face was a familiar one – that oh no, what have you done now…look.

1 thought on “Familiar feeling.

  1. Ugh! Nasty, hope it heals soon.

    Enjoying picking up with you on this blog, great to see you challengeing yourself once again keeps the brain active.

    Love you all
    Aunty Wendy and John x x x x

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