Familiar but f’ing unwelcome.

My ongoing struggle with my GP, to get the right antibiotics, seems to repeat itself.

This one isn’t the right one, and my symptoms have steadily worsened. I found another in my cupboard, so I’m taking that too. You are allowed to take 2, after all, especially since one of them isn’t actually doing anything for me.

The most dangerous bit is what it does to me mentally – as in I think the bleakest thoughts, and darkness overtakes me.

Atm my abdomen feels the strangest way – I can’t really feel it, but yet I can – its as though there’s an unpleasant electric current running through it, and I have a sort of awareness of my ( lifeless, but spasming ) legs, even though in reality I can’t feel them at all.

All pretty nasty, really.

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