Factory reset?

Anybody reading this will have noticed a drastic shift in the way that I am.

I have been asking my friends that visit me ( that visit me a lot! ) what I was like before my injury.
They’ve all said ‘ well you were like you are now, today ‘
I’ve said that no, they aren’t right, that I’m now a completely different person, that surely I didn’t talk as much as I do now?? Plus laugh as much??

They’ve all laughed and said ‘ no, to be fair, you always talked a lot, but weee never, ever boring!’ And that I had energy and positivity that never ran out.

You see, I CAN’T REMEMBEE what I was like before my crash. As I suffered frontal ( brain ) lobe injury in my crash and subsequent coma, I suffered a personality change ( classic frontal lobe effect ).

My own theory ( which I just now talked about with a Consultant ) is that perhaps the 2 depressive morphine anaesthetics followed by the next euphoric anaesthetic, has somehow reset my brain.
He certainly didn’t dismiss my theory, but I suppose I need a brain expert’s opinion… or maybe I’m the first, and this should be tried as a ‘therapy’ for other frontal lobe injuries?

Anyway, it’s a bloody relief to have apparently returned to the Me that I didn’t even know that I was ?
It’s certainly a lot more fun being this Me, than the one I’d been for 3 years and 2 months.

I’m a bit concerned in case Saturday’s anaesthetic sends me off in another direction – extreme happiness perhaps?
I suppose that would be ok though?

I’ve certainly realised that some things I’ve said to some people were just wrong.
To those people I apologise, and ask for understanding. I could make a list here, but peeps prefer anonymity, I know that.

I’m not thinking any negative thoughts at all.

Perhaps I have gone a bit too far the other way?

For now at least, it’s good, very good.

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