Sudden blood in my urine during an open air cinema film I’ve just been to,  isn’t a sign of anything positive, and perhaps explains my spasms etc. It was a funny film ( Bridget Jones baby ) but I didn’t feel like laughing, what with googling ‘ causes of bloody urine ‘ . Most of them begin with C. I’ve recently been checked for most of the possible other ( less serious ) causes.

More hospital time again, it seems. Positivity isn’t pouring out of me…

Thanks to Cherie, Rick, Pia, Cress and Marky P for dinner and technical assistance with my Triride, respectively.


On the upside, I’m going to 2 gigs this week- Regina Spektor ( who I’ve wanted to see for years ) and Kate Nash ( whose lyrics are just funny, though a bit ‘ basic ‘ ? )

On the upside as well, and I’ve been asked this, I don’t have a Bucket List – I’m very pleased to say that I HAVE already done everything that I want to do – quite a lot of it too naughty to write down in this diary, too.

4 thoughts on “Fab.

  1. Oh go on tell us about all the naughty bits – haven’t heard anything naughty for ages. Could do with cheering up. Margaret x sometimes when you have a catheter you have blood in your urine…..

    1. A friend of mine is a doctor and has to deliver ‘ the bad news ‘ to men on quite a regular basis. He asks them what they’d do differently if they’d had a second life. All the men say the same thing, he said.
      I couldn’t possibly write what it is that they say, but you can possibly imagine what it relates to….?
      Let’s just say that in my own case, I wouldn’t say it – I’d be just fine with how I’d done in that respect.
      Enough said.

        1. Oh just seen what Margaret’s comment was in relation too……don’t worry I don’t need to know. For your eyes only xxx

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